Covid Mask

I've seen a few examples of people 3D printing directly onto cloth and wanted to give it a try. The idea was to create a face mask that you could make without a sewing machine. But yeah, with a 3D printer so...
The basic concept is to give cloth a bit of structure to resist pressing onto the face too tightly.
I used staples on the first mini proof of concept. It ended up being a little mask for the kids' dolls. This is PP30GF on fleece/jersey hybrid cloth.
I tried a basic topology optimization to see what a stiff cage might look like.
The controlling sketch of the mask pattern. I developed the initial concept by folding paper.
The mask takes shape once you pull the integrated tab-clips through the matching holes. Basically you button it together with itself. Then you trim around the edges, and the inside of the mask fabric where it's folded. This is TPU on fleece/jersey.

I really wanted the nose region to be self-pinching but ended up giving up and printing a separate PETG clip. It should be possible though with another clever crease.

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