Snowplow Analysis

I designed a snowplow once. It was interesting and a cool opportunity to experiment with VOF multiphase modelling for external flows. The goal was to maximize visibility by minimizing thrown-up snow.
The first snowplow featured large cutouts around the buffers. These proved to be leaky and prone to creating secondary clouds of snow. Additionally, the curvature of the plow was not optimal, so instead of a vortex, this plow simply forced the snow straight upwards into the field of view. Not ideal.
The next iteration featured a lower profile and more curvature, but still had two small cutouts to avoid infringing on the "Berner Raum" which is the required free area for the operator to handle coupling. These generated a surprising amount of clouding, because the angle on exit was much more shallow there.
One more view of the same design showing the clouding more clearly.
The third and final iteration of this design was shorter, which allowed it to have more curvature, and avoid the Berner Raum without resorting to cutouts in the top edge of the plow. It shows a healthy vortex formation and very little upward-moving snow.
A better view of the vortex within the final design.
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