Dice Sword

A friend of mine owns a toy store. It's pretty cool. I got a tour with my two daughters; they were most impressed by the tape guns. I helped him make a sword that holds dice for roleplaying games.
An earlier iteration had three fasteners, but once we bonded the first prototype it was pretty clear that they were redundant.
I did some basic FEA on the sheath to make sure my initial design was ok.
A render of the closed sword.
The sheath prototype was really useful, because I was worried about it's strength as an open bonded shell. My kids played with it for a week and it didn't break, so it passed the test. We used superglue and I think the final product will be ABS bonded with a tougher adhesive.
Internal details of the sword prototype (early version with fasteners).
The prototype loaded with dice.
Assembly drawing of the sword. I chose a colour format for clarity, because the assembly drawing also serves as a finish drawing.
A video of the first sample from the supplier in China. The blade will not be painted in the final product.
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